Looking back to my childhood years and all the metal magazines I read, such as Circus, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, and local Kansas City music magazines, I now realize those magazines fueled my passion for music, graphic design, and photography. 
I began my passion for design and photography as a young teenager in high school. I found my way into the Photography Club during my sophomore year and served on the yearbook staff during my junior and senior years.
Throughout the years, these forms of art remained a passion. I have been in the printing industry since 1990. I started in the bindery to understand the finishing processes, and then in 1995, I transferred to the pressroom. In 2003 I made the decision to pursue my associate's in graphic design degree and digital prepress.
In the fall of 2019, I returned to school to pursue a lifelong goal of earning my Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography and expanding my A.A.S in Graphic Design. I finished this goal in October 2022. Currently, I am working on my bachelor's in graphic design. 
I am currently a contributing writer/photographer for 7eight5, a Midwest music publication that reviews concerts in the Kansas City area. I have also joined the KC Photography/Modeling Network and am an active member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Artist Statement

"I firmly believe that we become deaf, blind, and mute 
without music and art as forms of communication."

My goal in photography is to capture a photograph that evokes an emotion or directs the viewer to write their own story using my pictures. My aesthetics and style lean towards a beautiful, sublime, low-light background setting with vivid color contrast in the forefront. I find beauty in the dark while shooting a concert, in a studio, or on an adventure. Especially during a clear night, to capture stars over time to create star trail photographs. I have also been known to take a concert photograph and turn it into an abstract, leaving viewers wanting to know how I produced the piece and what I used to create it.

If you are interested in seeing my graphic design portfolio, head over to https://marydevosha.myportfolio.com

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